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Hefei Panshi Helping China's Mobile Science Resources Spread to Myanmar in Response to BRI

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"Mandalay International Tour of China Mobile Science and Technology Museum" opened in Mandalay University of Myanmar and opened to the local public on November 5, which was the second stop of Mobile Science and Technology Museum Exhibition in Myanmar after the first stop in Naypyidaw, which is  the capital of Myanmar.

Wussarion, acting governor of Mandalay Province of Myanmar; Ben Wen, director of Higher Education Department of Ministry of Education of Myanmar; Didawan, President of Mandalay University; Wang Zongying, Consul General of China Consulate General in Mandalay, Myanmar; Meng Qinghai, vice chairman and secretary of the Secretariat of China Association for Science and Technology; Xin Bing, director of training and talent service center of China Association for Science and Technology; Zheng Kai, vice minister of Science Popularization Department of China Association for Science and Technology, and Wei Jinghua, vice director of China Science and Technology Museum and other leaders from China and Myanmar attended the opening ceremony and cut ribbon for the exhibition. Shu Yuheng, general director of Hefei Panshi Automation Technology Co., Ltd., attended the ceremony  as a representative of domestic science popularization enterprises.

In order to celebrate the grand opening of the event, local students performed a unique Myanmar folk dance. The science and technology tutor from the China Science and Technology Museum performed the science experiment drama called "Crazy Circus". The science popularization knowledge and science experiment were integrated in the stage play, so that the Myanmar people could understand science, feel science as well as experiencing the most colorful scientific education activities with Chinese characteristics in a relaxing atmosphere.

After the finishing  opening ceremony, the guests, nearly 100 staffs from Mandalay government agencies and thousands of teachers and students from universities and middle schools visited the exhibition. All of them showed a strong interest in the exhibition content, saying that it was the first time that they had experienced so many new science and technology exhibition contents, which was fun and interesting, bringing science and technology closer to their life and making learning science easier.

This tour is hosted by the Ministry of Education of Myanmar and China Association of Science and Technology, and organized by Mandalay University and China Science and Technology Museum. The event is supported by the Chinese Consulate General in Mandalay and the Board of Directors of Mandalay University. Hefei Panshi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the manufacturing, transfering, arrangement, maintenance, of the complete set of exhibits of China Mobile science and Technology Museum as well as the training of the staffs.

Over 60 selected pieces of exhibits with good exhibition effect and strong interaction will be displayed in the Myanmar International Tour, which are the most popular among the Chinese public, covering several multidisciplinary fields such as basic science, life science, information technology, human health and various high-tech exhibitions like 3D Printing, Smart Robot, 3D TV for Naked Eye. Meanwhile, the mobile dome cinema will show science and technology-themed films for the Myanmar people concerning popular themes like aerospace, dinosaurs, etc. The exhibition, which  covering an area of 800 ㎡, is expected to tour Myanmar for 3 years. The exhibition has been exhibited in Naypyidaw, which is  the capital of Myanmar in June 2018, which has achieved fruitful results. In order to serve more Myanmar people, the second journey was opened in Mandalay, the second largest city in Myanmar. The Myanmar International Tour Project of China Mobile Science and Technology Museum will certainly promote the in-depth development of science, technology and culture exchanges between China and Myanmar, support the win-win cooperation of science communication and science education between the two countries, and advance the bilateral exchanges and prosperity of science and culture.


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