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Focus on the actual situation and regional characteristics of popular science venues, formulate implementation plans, set up implementation teams, complete the design and construction of exhibition project, design, production, installation and commissioning of exhibits in a given time.
Henan Science and Technology Museum (1)
Wuzhong Science and Technology Museum (1)
Wuzhong Science and Technology Museum (3)
Alzamir Oasis Science Center (2)
Huzhou Science and Technology Museum (3)
Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum (1)
Exhibits Research&Manufacturing
According to the needs of users and the public, apply the latest exhibition technology as the core part to develop, design and produce exhibits, and focus on the interactive and interesting nature of exhibits.
Guangxi Science and Technology Museum (1)
Jinhua Science and Technology Museum
Gansu Science and Technology Museum
China Science and Technology Museum (1)
Robot Exhibits
The Robot R&D Team has independently developed innovative robot exhibits to provide the users with a new exhibition program and offer the audience a totally new experience of technology.
Desktop Hockey Robot
Fencing Robot
Robot Theater
Sales Robot
Symbolic Exhibition
As a beautiful business card in the public space of popular science museums, the landmark exhibits combines science, art, safety and stability together. Our company has independently developed more than 100 representative symbolic exhibits, among which " Edelweiss" is the third largest in the world and the largest mechanical telescopic ball device in China. It has been put into use in public space of many popular science venues such as Hefei Science and Technology Museum.
Deconstruction of New Energy Vehicles
Foucault Pendulum
Mobile Exhibition
Mobile exhibits lay emphasis on the research and development, design and production, covering the following areas such as mathematics, electromagnetism, mechanics, acousto-optic, life and health, and etc. At present, our company' s mobile exhibition performance ranks No. 1 in China. In 2018 and 2019, our company had successively implemented the  "The Belt and Road" International Itinerant Project of China Mobile Science and Technology Museum (Myanmar Station and Russia Station).
Other Mobile Exhibits
Rural Middle Schools
Popular Science Caravans
Thematic Exhibition
Thematic exhibition projects are curated by incorporating current hotspots, high-tech knowledge and other related topics to meet the individualized demands of users.
Show You Some Colors
Depressed World
Vision · lllusion
Typical  Case
Implement maintenance services to maximize the safety of exhibits in popular science museums, improve the intact rate of exhibits and enhance the exhibition effect, develop mobile popular science caravan exhibits and conduct itinerant services to meet the needs of public popular science in remote areas.
China Science and Technology Museum
Hefei Science and Technology Museum
Shaoxing Science and Technology Museum


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